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Vagicial Ingrown Treatment


Vagiccial & Brazilian combo 


Is perfect for a client that suffer from ingrown hair. You can schedule this after Brazilian wax treatment or 1 weeks after your Brazilian or Bikini wax.

*First step is cleansing while steaming, using mild lactic peachy cleanser is good to improves texture and exfoliate  the skin.

*Mud mask, this mask is good for all skin types to create moisture, cell turnover and control sebum and acne.

* Extaction, when Mud dries and the drawing salve works it’s magic, ingrown hairs are drawn to the top layers of the skin allowing for easy removal.

*Toner and moisturizer the last steps. 

The benefits to the bikini area is the moisturizing and the cell renewal which will help avoid scaring and aid in ingrown maintenance. 

This treatment takes 30-40 mins.

Ask for  ingrown cream product for your home use.

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